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Damanga Helps Raise Awareness

Damanga works to help those that with health issues, housing problems, and promote a better and more comfortable lifestyle of living. Damanga seeks guarantees of the highest quality of living for all, putting roofs over everyone and helping to provide them with the necessities of life.

Most people don't realize or think about what is going on elsewhere throughout the world. We all for the most part live a comfortable life under a roof that we take for granted, when so many people acorss the world do not have that luxury. Medical conditions are a rising concern in these countries. We need to raise awareness for cirrhosis of the liver and other life threatening diseases. We tend to look away from the news or change the channel when a commercial comes on about helping women and children in need of your help.

We work with a lot of companies that help to volunteer their time and services in helping others. We use services like parking lot paving, defense contractors,as well as those that offer refrigeration repair for the lucky few that have them. We are trying to pave the streets and parking lots to make these areas as civilized as possible. We are helping to bring them safety, construction, food, drinks and water so that they can live a better lifestyle compared to the lives that most of us have grown accustomed to. We ask that those that can help to donate food and drinks, like from a nutritional beverage manufacturer to please send non-perishable items.

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