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What Makes LoL the Most Popular Cyber Game: 4 Facts

According to Forbes, in 2018 the number of monthly players in League of Legends exceeded 100 million people. Even more remarkable are the successes of Riot Games in the eSports field - just in a few years, the creators of LoL managed to build a real eSports empire with their own ecosystem from their game.

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Fact 1: LoL Is a Huge Game Universe

At the moment, there are 139 champions in the game, representing different regions of a large universe named Runterra. Imposing fighters with swords and fragile sorceresses, furious warriors and fluffy little yordly, outlandish beasts and representatives of the elements. Sometimes, there are very strange specimens - for example, Bard, surprising both with its nature and game mechanics. And all this fits perfectly in the history of one game.

Not so long ago, Riot Games started modeling their universe especially tightly, devoting a separate mini-site to its history. It publishes both historical “facts” about the regions, as well as diaries of residents and collections of paintings depicting local architecture.

Fact 2: Saturated Game Season

The game season in LoL has long been inseparable from cyber events. The season traditionally begins in mid-January, along with the start of the world's largest leagues, and ends in mid-autumn along with the main event of the year - the World Cup. Nine months in a year battles rumble: ordinary players fight each other in rating games, and professional players compete in a competitive scene. From January to April and from June to September, home championships are held in 13 regions across the globe, after which the best teams of each league meet at large-scale international tournaments.

Fact 3: The Abundance of Customization and Methods for Their Production

Several years ago, League of Legends was a free game with two modes, in which for real money you could buy only cosmetic images for champions. Years later, the main essence of the game remains the same, but the customization and methods for obtaining them have increased significantly. Riot Games not only regularly come up with new game modes but also add thematic events.

Fact 4: Constant Game Development

One of the key features of the game is its continuous development. The creators of League of Legends dreamed of presenting a game to the world that does not stall after several years of existence. Traditionally, every two weeks there is a patch of a different level of intensity - starting from small changes in the balance and ending with global updates that change the course of the game or its visual component.

As you can see, this game is by right one of the most favorite cyber disciplines around the world. Now, it is your turn to try your luck!