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Damanga Gets Help With Refrigeration & Roofers

A lot of things have been going on with Damanga recently. We have built partnerships and are accepting volunteers that can provide services to help those in need.

One of the biggest needs for families that need help is having a roof over their head and heating and air conditioning to live in a comfortable setting. While not all families have this luxury, it is something that is uncommon but we are trying to provide it to more and more families across the world.

Some families don't even have basic cooling needs in their home to be able to store food. Even restaurants and markets aren't able to store their food properly. Thankfully there are some commercial refrigeration repair services that are able to help those out in need.

Most people don't account and take advantage of the easy access that we all have for refrigeration, cooling, and heating needs. But it is a growing concert not only in third world and developing countries but other locations as well. Thankfully we work with the best roofers in Lancaster and Wilmington. The poverty line continues to grow and even with more help and donations there is still a growing concern to help as many families and neighbourhoods as we possibly can.