Rally at Lafayette square in front of the White House


Washington, D.C.
July 22, 2009

The Rally was a big success! Mohamed was interviewed by VOA and Darfur Radio.
Please see the article written on VOA http://www.voanews.com/english/Africa/2009-07-23-voa7.cfm

Here is the letter delivered to the White House








For Planning Purposes, General Advisory document

Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy and cosponsors organizations include: I-Act, Be their Messenger, Darfur Community of Texas, Darfur Association of Iowa, Change the World it Just takes Cents, Stop Genocide Now, Darfur Human Rights, Georgia Coalition against Genocide, The Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, The San Francisco Bay Area Coalition to Save Darfur, Investors Against Genocide, and more...

Dear all,
Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy Invites you all to come to participate in
a rally to support Darfur and the ICC - "International Criminal Court." For Justice and Peace in Sudan.
Also to:
-Urge the US government, United Nations, European Union, African Union, Arab Leagues,
to support the ICC and the arrest warrant against Omar al-bashir, and the other suspects for war Crimes,
Crimes against Humanity and Genocide.
- AN IMMEDIATE deployment of the 26.000 UNAMID Peace Forces to Darfur with full Mandate, Helicopters,Logistics and necessary supplies needed.
- PRESS Sudan Government to allow all the 16 Humanitarian Organizations back to Darfur without any delays or conditions.
- STOP torturing prisoners of Darfur and free them Immediately


- STOP Immediately the resettlement of Arab Janjaweed Militia Families in Darfur, and turn back all lands confiscated
 to their owners.
- STOP attacking the Refugees in their Camps in Chad and Darfur.
- APPLY strict trade sanctions "Embargo" against China Oil companies, Russia ,Indian, and all Foreign
Companies Investing in Oil in Sudan, Importing Weapons and doing Business with the genocidal Regime.
WHERE : Starts from the Lafayette square in front of the White House. Time at 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.
Walk to the State Department From 2:35 pm, arrive at 2:50 pm. Ends at 4:00 pm.
DATE: Wednesday July 22, 2009.

Damanga will keep you updated with more details soon. Please feel free to call our office number:
202-232-1466 or 434-409-9638 if you need more Information. You are welcome for co-sponsorship.
and any support.

Thank you.
Mohamed Yahya.
Office tel/ 202-232-1466.
Fax/ 202-232-1499.
direct/ 434-409-9638.
e-mail/ mataryah@gmail.com
Damanga Coalition for Freedom and Democracy.